Hochschule Ludwigshafen, Zeppelin University and Research Centre for Consumer, Market and Policy start conjoint research project on buying behavior


A conjoint research project on consumer buying behavior will be conducted by the Hochschule Ludwigshafen(Prof. Dr. Gerhard Raab, director of the research area neuroeconomics and consumer behavior), Zeppelin University (Prof. Dr. Anja Achtziger, Chair of Social and Economic Psychology, Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning, Chair for Marketing), the Münster Research Institute (MRI) and the Research Center for Consumer, Market and Policy (Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch, director of the Research Center), that is fostered by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.


Previous research studies of the colaborating partners in the field of consumer behavior and consumer policy are the basis of the research cooperation. Based on two empirical studies, the main goal of the conjoint rwesearch project is to contribute to approaching the following two questions:


1) To what extent does the method of data collection - computer assisted personal interview versus computer assisted telephone interview - influence the study results of the screening procedure for the inquiry of compensatory and addictive buying behavior (SKSK) (Raab et al. 2005)? The screening procedure for the inquiry of compensatory and addictive buying behavior is regarded as the standard procedure in clinical applications and scientific research in this field (Glasemer & Singer 2008; Müller et al. 2008).


2) What is the contribution of the regulatory focus theory (Higgins et al. 2001) to explaining consumer self-control mechanisms and self-regulation capabilities regarding buying behavior? The regulatory focus theory has been used increasingly within in the investigation of financial decisions and is gaining attention in the field of conumer research as well.


The conjoint research project is geared towards a long-term strategic research cooperation.