The Institute

The Transatlantik-Institut was established in 1999 at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen. 

Based on a long experience with MBA programs, the Transatlantik-Institut offers the Executive MBA Program in cooperation with AACSB-accredited American universities since 1999. Contributing partners of the program are multi-national companies as well as mid-sized businesses from various industries.

In the field of economics, the Transatlantik-Institut operates in education and applied research and development.

It's core functions are in particular:

  • Preparation and implementation of scientific education measures in cooperation with US universities, especially MBA programs.
  • Implementation of research and development projects.
  • Development of teaching materials.
  • Scientific publications and
  • Conducting public events, colloquiums, workshops and meetings.

(Sources: Staatsanzeiger of 8 November 1999, Ludwigshafener Hochschulanzeiger, issue 10, of 18 June 2018)

With many years of experience with MBA programs, the Transatlantic Institute has been offering the Executive MBA program in cooperation with AACSB-accredited US universitiessince 1999. Partners in the programs are corporations but also medium-sized companies of various industries.